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For the love of Traditional!!
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~:= tO dO LiSt =:~

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skEtCh:heart::~ 2:points: (will post example later on)

LiNeArT:heart:~ 4:points: eXaMpLe fOr LiNeArT cOmMiSHiE!!! by NiCHaNsU14(note that itz traditional not digital :iconsadnessplz:)

cOLoUrEd:heart:~ 6:points:jOLLy nAYuMi!!! by NiCHaNsU141 yEaR AnNiVeRsArY oN dA!!! by NiCHaNsU14


- AlL BlAcK:star::~ + 8 :points:nAYuMi!!! (rEfErEnCe #1) by NiCHaNsU14hApPy BiRtHdAy LuNa!!! by NiCHaNsU14

- SiMpLe bAcKgRoUnD:star::~ +5 :points: (u choose the background nd i'll choose wether itz simple or not :icongrin--plz:)

- DeTAiLeD bAcKgRoUnD:star::~ +8 :points: sAsUnArU!!! xD by NiCHaNsU14cHeSiRe rAiNbOw!!! by NiCHaNsU14mY WiSh iS cOMiNg tRuE!!! by NiCHaNsU14fOr tHe cOnFuSeD sHeEp!!! by NiCHaNsU14


- hEaDsHoT:star::~ +1:points: hApPy nEw yEaRz eMotHeKiTtY!!! =) by NiCHaNsU14hApPy BiRtHdAy eMotHeKiTtY!!! by NiCHaNsU14hApPy 6th AnNiVeRsArY!!! by NiCHaNsU14

- fULL bOdY:star::~ +2:points: hApPy 7tH AnNiVeRsArY!!! by NiCHaNsU14eMo (hUmAn vErSiOn)!!! by NiCHaNsU14100 wAtCHeRs!!! by NiCHaNsU14

- bLaCk bOrDeR:star::~ +2 :points: hApPy nEw yEaRz FiReFoX099!!! =) by NiCHaNsU14bLuE FiRe!!! by NiCHaNsU14

- nO bOrDeR:star::~ -2 :points: mY jOuRnAL dRaWiNg!!! by NiCHaNsU14

~::heart::iconwplz::iconhplz::iconaplz::icontplz: :iconiplz::heart::~

fAnArT:heart::~ hApPy sAsUnArU dAy 2014!!! by NiCHaNsU14hApPy nEw yEaRs rAitOcHiRiN!!! =) by NiCHaNsU14hApPy sAsUnArU dAy!!! by NiCHaNsU14 (movies, animes, games, etc.)

aNiMaLs:heart::~ rAcCoOn!!! {rEqUeSt} by NiCHaNsU14

cHiBi aNiMaLs:heart:~ hApPy nEw yEaRz dRaGoNsPiKe101!!! by NiCHaNsU14

yOuR oC:heart::~ rEd wATeR!!! by NiCHaNsU14eMo (hUmAn vErSiOn)!!! by NiCHaNsU14

yOuR fUrSoNa:heart:~ hApPy nEw yEaRz wUsKyLuNa!!! =) by NiCHaNsU14hApPy BiRtHdAy aNdRiA!!! by NiCHaNsU14

cOuPLeS::heart:~ hApPy 7tH AnNiVeRsArY!!! by NiCHaNsU14hApPy BiRtHdAy sAsUkE!!! by NiCHaNsU14iAn + kAiYa!!! by NiCHaNsU14(no pairings i don't lyke i'm sorry :iconsulkplz:)

aNyTHiNg yOoH dESiRe::heart:~ fOr tHe cOnFuSeD sHeEp!!! by NiCHaNsU14:iconheartrollplz:

nO aDuLt aRt!!! :iconnomemeplz:

----->:star:NOTE:star:<----- Please keep in mind that i DO have a social life and that I might not have the drawing ready on the same day you ask me to draw it for you!!! :iconcannotevenplz::iconsoemotionalplz::iconcryforeverplz:SO NO DEADLINEZ PLZ!!!:icondesperateplz: but dnt wrry if i say i'm going to do it I'LL DO IT EVEN IF IT TAKEZ A LLLOOOONG TIME!!! :iconretardiloveitplz:
AAAAANNNNNNNDDDDD I GUESS THATZ IT!!! If i forgot anything i'll edit it :icononionxdplz: soooooo COMMISHIE IF U WNT!!!! :icongrin--plz: c'mooooooon!!! U KNOW U WNT TO!!! :iconcomeatmeplz::iconplanningplz::iconbaibaiplz::iconhappyskipplz:

~:= aWEsOmE aRt fOr mE!!! =:~

A Lil' Gift for NiCHaNsU14... by MadisonAkatsuki47Gift 4 my bro NiCHaNsU14 by CanonFartFernade and Nayumi Human Forms by firefox099Your a star!!!!! by watchfulshepherdNichansu Request~! by kasamy099AT With NiCHaNsU14 by watchfulshepherdNichansu. by DscapadesFor Nayumi by firefox099

~:= i'M A zO-fFiL aNd A maGiC bUnNeH! DDDD'''x =:~

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 11, 2014, 12:43 PM
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nAYuMi vALeNzUeLa | "NiCHaN-sAn"
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United States
mEaNiNg oF uSeRnAmE-:~ Ni + Chansu + 14 = NiCHaNsU14
(japanese) (2) + (chance) + (my fav #)
bEcAuSe i bELiEvE eVeRyOnE dEsErVeS a sEcOnD cHaNcE!!! :heart:

HERROOO!!!:iconsayhiplz: I'm a friendly-hyper-happy-grunge-skater-tomboy and i'm damn proud of it!!! :iconimbishieplz::icondivaplz: I REEAALLLYYY LOVE TO BE UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT AND SPONTANEOUS!!! :iconhandspazzplz::iconmanbabyplz: I can be friends with anybody!!! Age, gender, sexuality, religion, race, style (emo, girly, nerdy, popular, scene, goth, tomboy, etc.) i don't care what it is!!! It's what makes yooh unique!!! And i'm not gonna tell yooh to change any of it because you're perfect just the way YOOH are!!! :icondragonshy2::icondragonhug: Wanna be friends??? :iconsmilenarutoplz: Hell yea i love meeting new people and corrupt their innocent miinnnddzzz!!! :iconarmstrongtighthugplz: xD I will always love yooh and protect yooh from danger no matter what and if yooh need somebody my shoulders are always free to use and i PROMISE i will never judge yooh and will always be loyal!!! :iconarmstrongtighthugplz::iconsupertighthugplz: C'mooon I won't bite :icondragonshy2:..........unless yooh want meh to!!! :iconsasukesmirkplz: *Gets smacked by Rin* :iconinjuredplz: Hahaha byez my lovez!!! :iconbaibaiplz: :heart: x3333
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:bulletred:b-DaY:- May 17,1994
:bulletorange:aGe:- 20 but people say i act and look lyke a 14 year old cuz i'm short :iconwhutplz:
:bulletyellow:eThNiCiTy:- Mexican/Japanese hybrid!!!:iconawyeaplz:
Mexico Stamp by l8I love Japan by D-g-A
:bulletgreen:sEx:- why of course i would love some!!!:iconlikeasirplz: (checks down dere) yep still female :iconlikeamadamplz:Proud owner of a vagina by iScreamLav
:bulletblue:oRiEnTaTiOn:- bisexual AND DAMN PROUD!!!:icondivaplz:if it bothers you that's fine i'll respect it if yooh respect me in return, but if all you're gonna do is be an asshole about it then there's the back button, if yooh can't hang then there's the door baby!!! <3 ,:icongtfoguyplz: if not then thank you. You are now one of my best friends :iconpapcryplz::iconawwtearsplz::icontearyguyplz::iconarmstrongtighthugplz: I support Bisexuals by KiraiMiraiYuri Stamp by Lead-ExileI'm BI stamp by Froda-StoneyI don't think our private parts matter. by Snuf-StampsLGTB supporter by Snuf-StampsSTAMP: Support Love - silver by StampsGoneMissingErmagadGayPeopleErrywhere by endler
:bulletpurple:sTaTuS:- TAKEN!!! by my beautiful seme :heart:Rin:heart:!!! :iconinloveplz:
.`·.¸.·´ ♥
¸.·´¸.·´¨; ¸.·*¨;
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·.♥
STAMP: Support Love - silver by StampsGoneMissingLGTB supporter by Snuf-StampsI Love You Stamp by MissBezz:3 by LaurenEatsChildrenUKE stamp by antocoviI love my Seme. by ValotoxinI'm the uke who can by Chocolatier-MihaelMAH GURL by Dametora
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:bulletwhite:DiSLiKeS:- Vegies(too green!!! :iconcannotevenplz:), Stuck-Up people that have their heads so high in the air it's a shame their necks haven't broken:iconminglalalaplz::icondignitylaughplz:, Homophobes, Bullies, and when the tip of my color pencils break :iconcryingrageguyplz::iconsoemotionalplz::iconcryforeverplz:.
:bulletgreen:~:= wEbSiTeS =:~

:bulletblue:Tumblr Stamp by danny-spikes :blackrose:
:bulletred:Pinterest Stamp by Nicole-Marie-Walker :blackrose:
:bulletpurple:FanFiction writer by BlackRainbow2327… :blackrose:

AND THAT'S ITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD

Optimistic stamp by SaytherineI don't think our private parts matter. by Snuf-StampsDa Stamp - Human Rights 01 by tppgraphicsIts really not a joke by lovechipmunks24Bullying Destroys by VampireCherryStand Up - Stand Alone Stamp by Mirz123Hate Free Zone by ArchetypeStampsStamp: For what i believe in by ScotstonSupport Spirit Day Stamp by Drake09Less talk, more do by CyberLatiosDragon77Homosexuality Stamp by CackleberryYellow ribbon by BlueRavenAngelOrange ribbon by BlueRavenAngeldev stamp by pukingpastillesDepression Stamp by SparkLumImitation is suicide by Nana-BeatsNot a pussy by prosaixWho I Am - Stamp by AshbreezeTheKittyTomorrow's a new day by ChikitaWolfDon't Judge Me... by epicdangohehehehehahaha (remade) by RebiValeskaCrossroads by alexskylineDark Side Stamp by lovelyfantasyI Support Forgivness by darkmatter86You Are Not Alone by centric-prometheusOpen-Mindedness by ChrysalisloverI believe in you by SquallxZell-LeonhartSatisfied by Mellow-StampsPain and Suffering by Mellow-StampsPain is Weakness by Mellow-StampsI Can't Hate by linawifeofLI observe. by Snuf-StampsWhy? stamp by aftersunsetsHug Stamp by SparkLumLover by WearwolfaaI Love U by WearwolfaaI Like Hugs by Finalrobo101No reparing please. by Snuf-StampsI'm a PERSON... by Hurricane-HannahMaturity Stamp by bigfunkychikenHit Me. xTDK, Jokerx by ValotoxinYou aren't. by Snuf-StampsTomboy Stamp by TwilightProwlerI love hoodies stamp by Dark-Windsongrandomly weird stamp by sixthkidfromthestarzFAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHakuInsane by ManicStampsLost Sanity by SparkLumUnique Pride by SliperrySheepI'M SO AMAZING by DametoraRight handed stamp by WhiteKimahriMade in the '90s by Mr-StampKid at Heart by savagebinnA Little Disordered by Midnight-SpecksSTAMP: lol, lady-like? by StampsGoneMissingEyeliner Stamp by Kezzi-RoseXx BLACK IS NEVER BLAND xX by RebiValeskaI love color stamp by chinatsumori-chan- N - E - O - N - by skinnyveestampBlack by StampernautGrey by StampernautRed by StampernautOrange by StampernautGreen by StampernautBlue by StampernautI love blue stamp by Paddy-fanStamp: i love blue by flyingdown2011I-Heart-Blue-Stamp by lethalNIK-ARTI love blue eyes stamp by RogueLottieI love brown eye's stamp by RogueLottieI Support Blue Hair by ClefairyKidI Heart Blue by ringoshineColors of Your Hair by ClefairyKid. i D r e a m . by mistandsparklesCommission - The Toilet is My by darkmatter86Hopeless dreamer by ManicStampsSTAMP: I'm a Dreamer by zungzwangHopeless Dreamer by SsGirloI am a dreamer stamp by Gewalgon by Gewalgonin Wonderland by SsGirloFind Your Wonderland by alice-lizWe're all mad here... -Stamp- by cos1163Daydreaming Stamp by WetWithRainInsomnia? by Chocolatier-Mihael::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05Introvert by skinnyveestampIntrovert stamp by wyldravenI Don't Fear Death by ManicStampsLoner stamp by wyldravenLonely by Mr-StampLoner by ManicStampswolf by ManicStampsArt at 3 AM by blackdahlianocturnal artist eh... by AxiasAlexaI Love The Night by TheLoveTrainStamp: FullMoon Addict by NawamaneNight Person Stamp by ClearBlueSkys.:: Howl At The Moon STAMP ::. by KovoWolfNight Stamp by AmanoraStargazer Stamp by PixieDust01I Love The Rain by WearwolfaaRain Stamp by Bubel-CoyotI like rain stamp by RonTheWolfListening to the Rain by savagebinnRain Stamp by Zephyr-Stampstamp I Love rain by HavickTheLionStamp - Storms by Endless-MittensLightning Love Stamp by enigmatiaLightning Stamp by Gokulover4everOuter Space Stamp 2 by BrainmattersOuter Space Stamp 5 by BrainmattersWinter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseI love Snow by mcericLooking At The Sky Stamp by cleopataI Like Watching Clouds by PhysicalMagicCheshire Cat Stamp 2 by RogueLottie




:iconanimanga-traditional: :iconfox-pack: :iconshounen-manga: :iconwe-hate-sakura-chan: :iconwe-are-fursonas: :iconkisame4ever:




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